Saturday, 26 January 2013

County Foto Club Webblog

The County Foto Club is a webblog for photographers and camera buffs in and around the Prince Edward County region (located near the north east end of Lake Ontario), who share a passion for the art and technology behind the photographic image.  It concentrates on digital cameras and the photographic tools and artistic techniques used to create the final image.

Anyone interested in photography who lives in the Picton/Prince Edward County/Quinte region is encouraged to participate on the blog, whether you use DSLR's or more convenient point & shoot cameras.

The blog will provide an opportunity to submit images, review other's work, provide education or "how-to" guides, and assign regular photo challenges/homework for our readers.

Participants will be encouraged to submit their images to the club's blog for posting for others to see and to comment on. 

If you have interest in participating, please email us at or you can contact me - Ken Liddon at 613-476-2164.  The blog is currently in its formative stages so please be patient!

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