Tuesday, 11 August 2015

August Meeting in Perspective

Thanks to all who weathered through a rather hot summer's evening this past Sunday. I hope you all got something useful out of it. The meeting included works from 23 or our members who contributed to one or more of our club outings or theme challenge. As a result we saw a great display and diversity of images. We had a couple of light/fun slideshows which included our Kingston Buskers Festival outing and the Wellington Bubblefest event. The impromptu Purdon Orchid outing was a unique opportunity to see so many Lady Slippers in full bloom in a natural setting.

The highlite of the evening was the sights, sounds and stories that five of our members brought back with them from recent weeklong photographic treks to Newfoundland with local photographic guide Phil Norton.  Daphne Creasy, Janice Ruggles-Bolton, Margaret Liddon, Ramesh Pooran and Marilyn Holland had some great images of very different scenery than that found in our samll part of the globe.

We also had a couple of educational/refresher sessions – one on ISO (thanks to Bert Jenkins) and one on the art compositional element of Framing (thanks to Margaret Liddon for that one). We ended the meeting with some wonderful images interpreting the month's theme challenge – Lead-In Lines. These images along with the Orchid and Buskerfest ones can now be found on our Facebook page for your viewing pleasure.

Upcoming events include a club outing at Huyck's Point scheduled for Sunday Aug 16th. We also plan to cover the Picton Fall Fair in the evening of Friday Sept 11th so do also put that date in your calendar.

Our theme challenges for the next 60 days have been handed out – August's is Anything Nautical  while September's will be Balance &/or Framing, picking up from a couple of our recent art compositional discussions.

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