Monday, 3 February 2020

February Meeting Recap

Super B Sunday was an event attended by approx 40 of our members. We commenced the session with our Dunes Outing slideshow that 20 of us attended during a rather nasty weather weekend in mid January. The images were daunting – Sandbanks devoid of human interaction, barring a few appreciative photographers – what a delight!

Next up was an upbeat Joseph Leduc, who’s enthusiasm for photography is highly infectious. As Joe put it, "I love faces" and his presentation on Portrait Photography stressed creativity and fun while still paying heed to the critical details of light, shadow, backgrounds, posing - all essential for effective results.

Following our break, Daphne Creasy put on her slideshow – Roma & The Allure of Tuscany – images taken during a guided photo tour to Italy last May. The music and imagery certainly demonstrated the unique charm of that ancient area of Europe.

Our next speaker was Bert Jenkins who dicussed the Colour Grading technique as a method to further improve our landscape imagery. Using Adobe Photoshop’s Gradient Mapping and Blend-If functions, Bert demonstrated subtle but noticeable improvements in scenic images.

We ended the night with our theme challenge slideshow – Structurally Speaking... to which 31 members participated. Photos of local man-made structures, as well as those of far-off locations around the globe, adorned the screen. These images, along with the Dunes Outing photos have now been uploaded to our public Facebook page for all to see.

Our theme challenges for the next two months are – High Key for February and People & Pet Photography for March. Our outing this month will be at the Lemoine Point Conservation Area in Kingston.

Thanks to all who attended and especially those who participated during the month.