Monday, 5 November 2018

November Meeting Recap

This month 36 members trotted out on Sunday night for another fascinating evening of photography. Ramesh Pooran started us off with a live demo and talk on connecting our modern cameras via WiFi to our smart devices and the wonderful things that such technology now allows us to do.

The first slideshow of the evening came from 20 of our members that attended our Lemoine Point outing. There was lots to see and shoot on this very pleasant Fall day with great colour in the foliage and some rather unexpected chance meetings along the many trails.

This month, we invited Malcolm Park to talk to us about his Storm Chasing activities. We came away with a good understanding of the “system” around the massive thunderstorms that spawn tornadoes, especially in the mid-west USA area known as Tornado Alley. Malcolm’s images and especially his timelapses, gave us a thrilling appreciation for the awesome power of Mother Nature.

Janice Ruggles-Bolton opened up our second half with a slideshow on Morocco - From Casablanca to Marrakesh. Janice provided a wonderful mix of varying landscapes (lush green fields to golden sand deserts), local people and impressive architecture.

Our next item on the agenda was something devised to encourage audience participation. We displayed a number of images from various Master Photographers on the big screen, and asked our members to critique the images. We first attempted to guess the photographer and then discussed the various elements that made that particular image so compelling. Before we got half way through the material, we realized that we were nearing our normal meeting closing time and still had a major slideshow to air! This item will very likely reappear at some future meeting.

The theme challenge for the month of October was Turn, Turn, Turn... Thirty-two members submitted images for the slideshow, some with real twists on the theme interpretation. These images along with our outing photos have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for public viewing.

The theme challenges for the next 2 months were handed out – Spaced Out! for November and Portfolio Picks for December. Our outing for this month will be to the Picton Firelight Lantern Festival.

Your continued support, participation and creative input are greatly appreciated.