Monday, 4 November 2019

November 3rd Meeting

Our November photo club meeting saw a full house in attendance to see photography from over 40 of our talented members. Our pre-announced agenda had to be re-jigged due to a family emergency by one of our planned presenters. That allowed me the opportunity to address a subject I named Participaction – extremely grateful of the fantastic participation rates, but still wanting for more!  I got to discuss the on-going issue of watermarking (where’s Waldo?), file sizing file naming, and the image submission process.  If you want to follow-up on any of this, visit our Youtube Channel to review the presentation.

Our outing for last month was entitled A Day in the Life of Prince Edward County and 31 members participated on that wonderful Thursday, October 10th. All corners of the County were fair game and certainly not just the normal tourist haunts. A lively, albeit somewhat lengthy, slideshow was shown up on the big screen.

Next up, we had a bit of fun with the assistance of 4 very capable members who participated in our Processing By Others segment.  It was introduced by none other than Ansel Adams (from a 1983 BBC interview clip).  Joanne Arbuckle, Terri Korkush, Don Taylor and Alan Jenner each took their turn at discussing their processing of raw images from each of the other participants. The end results all looked great, but often quite different even though they all had the same starting point.  Good fun!

Following a short break, Ian Dickinson presented us with one of the best audio tracks for a slideshow with a rendition by Ella and Satchmo of Summertime.  We also got to see some great images that Ian collected from his treks this past summer both locally and from Canada’s East Coast.

Next up was me again, this time talking about how to become a real Sharpshooter.  This short presentation will also soon be available on our Youtube Channel – go on YouTube and search for “Countyfotoclub”.

The final slideshow of the night was an extended dispay of Autumn Splendor - our theme challenge for the month. Thirty-nine of our members submitted many beautiful images that captured this great time of year in Southern Ontario. These images, as well as A Day in the Life of PEC have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for your review.

Our upcoming themes were handed out – Round the Bend – Circles & Curves for November, and Picture Perfect (anything from your vast portfolios!) for the month of December.  Our outing this month will be at the Trenton Air Museum on Sunday Nov 10th.

If you haven’t already, please don’t forget to get a ticket for our December 8th Award Gala and Gourmet Buffet.  Let us know and we will save you a seat – and bring along your spouse or a friend.  It’s a social event to honour our very best fellow photographers -  all with a unique 1920’s Cabaret backdrop!