Thursday, 14 January 2021

January 2021 Club Update

We're sure you are all up on all the latest news on the Covid pandemic front so we won't rehash any of that. But we thought it advisable to update you on how it impacts our photo club activities as we move through the next few months, especially given the heightened restrictions imposed by the government. First, let us say the obvious - normal club meetings are unlikely to recur until a large majority of the population is vaccinated and that likely means September at the earliest.

We had hoped to continue with our "outings" concept, switching it to an "outings location" activity where people could go at any time of their choosing over a given week or so period. However, your Exec Committee feels that even that concept goes against the current "Stay Home except for Essentials" decree. So, for the time being, we will suspend outings. Your Executive will re-address this on a monthly basis as we move forward. Our goal is to bring this back as soon as safety protocols allow. And that also goes for other club activities - workshops, meetings, etc. which hopefully will be phased in as the pandemic winds down.

We still have our monthly theme challenges, along with one other creative monthly endeavour - i.e. January's is entitled - A Study in Black & White. You need not stray far, if at all, from your home in order to participate in these activities. It might require a little more creativity, but it certainly can be done. Over the past several months we have had great member participation in activities such as Dungeons & Daemons, Click the Light Fantastic, Kingston Night Shoot, Changing Moods, Lighting Fiesta, ... Lots of great imagery has been submitted and we have the images posted on our public Facebook page and also assembled them into entertaining slideshows on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure.

Our January theme challenge is Life in Winter while February's is Fifty Shades Of White. We will continue to active during this unprecedented period of time. Contact us at for more information.