Tuesday, 16 August 2016

August 2016 - Better Late Than Never!

We finally managed to get in our August meeting that had been postponed due to a tiny critter infestation at our Library clubhouse. Well all had been thoroughly fumigated and our session went off without a (h)itch!

The meeting started with a discussion of the Raw file format and why photographers prefer to Shoot in the Raw. The material has been posted to our Youtube page.

The first slideshow of the evening was actually an amalgam of four smaller club outings that we had over the past several months but had not yet had chance to view. It began with the macro workshop held at Spindle Tree Gardens located near Tamworth. That led into the Night Photo Shoot that started at the Harbour and then migrated to Picton's main drag. Following that, airplanes flew from the Trenton Air Show that was held in late June and our initial show ended with Canada Day Fireworks from various locations around the area.

We had another instalment of our What, Why, How segment with Robert Logan and Adam Nogrady doing the honours. The first half was closed out by Glen Dobson who displayed all our club member submissions to the CliC Photo Show that got selected for hanging. After tightening the noose, he also showed the final 4 major category winning images.

The second half started with our Presqu’ile Marsh Boardwalk outing slideshow, which was attended by nine of our members. It was followed by an introduction to the works of Six Contemporary Master Photographers which Margaret & I collaborated on. The six photographers we selected included Sebastiao Salgado, Annie Leibovitz, Andreas Gursky, Steve McCurry, Cindy Sherman and Nick Brandt. Each has a very different style and focus. Their images are truely masterful!

The final slideshow of the evening was our July theme challenge – Main Street. We had submissions from over 20 members, who demonstrated great street photography techniques and decisive moment catches. All of the slideshows from our August meeting have been posted to our public Facebook page for your viewing pleasure.

The themes for the next 60 days were handed down – Abandoned for August and Horse Power for September. We also discussed club outings for August which will be held on Wed August 24th for a Night Shoot at the Picton Yacht Club and on Tuesday August 30th for a Belleville Cruise Night session.

Next month’s meeting on Sept 11th will feature camera sensor cleaning by Douglas Banks. This is great opportunity to get our sensors professionally cleaned at an incredibly low price for all DSLR and CSC camera owners.

Thanks to all who came out and especially those who participated during the month in our various club activities.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Regular Meeting Deferred by One Week

For the past 3 1/2 years, neither rain, snow, sleet nor hail has had an impact on any of our meetings.  Well the tiniest of insects - yes the almighty FLEA - has caused the closing of the Wellington Public Library for the weekend while a significant fumigation process takes place.  Apparently the little critters came out of no-where, so to speak.  None yesterday and everywhere covered today!
In concern for the safety for our members, we are postponing our scheduled Aug 7th meeting by one week until Sunday August 14th (7pm) - same place and time as normal. Please mark the new date on your calendars.
Apologies for the inconvenience.