Monday, 14 August 2017

On Safari - August Meeting

We had another great turnout on a warm summer night in the bustling little village of Wellington!

We decided to devote the majority of our first half to a visual Safari in Africa. Mike Gaudaur, who has spent 15 years working, teaching and living in Central Africa (Kenya), gave us both an educational and artistic portrayal of the haunting countryside and its many impressive wildlife inhabitants. Mike’s ability to get up close & personal with his subjects, along with shooting from a low height, resulted in magnificent portraits of African wildlife – lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, cheetahs, ... Mike also employs some unique processing techniques to produce highly creative and effective portraits of his subjects. 

Prior to Mike's extended Safari discussion, we aired a slideshow of the Tall Ship event held in Bath earlier in July. Sixteen members submitted images of those majestic sea vessels, including some that employed antique processing, to allow us to re-kindle that historic era.

The meeting's second half opened up with a slideshow from Larry Tayler documenting a recent trip to Australia. Larry has a unique eye to capture the sights and very fabric of the Australian community at large. His slideshow was upbeat, with a few twists and humorous elements for us all to enjoy. 

The next agenda item was a presentation by Dave Tugwood's recap of our Light Up The Night workshop. held on the Belleville waterfront, last month. Dave discussed many of the learnings from the night – especially the need to know how to operate and how to manually focus your camera. Both of these activities are much more difficult under the darkness of night! He showed images of the many light painting activities we employed that night, as well as our attempts at capturing the evening’s elusive sunset. Dave followed up with a short slideshow of images submitted from 15 workshop participants. For those of you who want to try light painting, see Dave’s presentation which has been posted to the club’s Youtube site.

Our theme challenge slideshow My Canada featured submissions from 24 of our members. An impressive array of images from shore to shore, celebrated all that is great about our homeland – especially on its 150th anniversary. These images have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for your viewing pleasure (as have the Tall Ship outing images).

Our upcoming theme challenge for August is Summer Fun, while September’s theme is entitled Play Fair at the Market.  In addition, our club outing this month will occur Saturday, August 19th to Jones Falls on the Rideau Canal system.