Monday, 28 January 2013

Nikon Image Space

Nikon today opened their new Nikon Image Space photo storage/sharing site - . Being a loyal Nikon camera owner and aware of the 20 GB free storage limit (for Nikon camera owners), I went through the painful effort of registering.  Then the real problems began.  I uploaded a number of images - approx 4 mb each and they took forever to render.  I attempted to erase them with limited success and then re-uploaded smaller images - 100-200k each - to test the new service. It still took what seemed an eternity to render and display.  Others on the web have their own horror stories - use of antiquated flash, lost files, etc.  It's a shame a large and well respected company like Nikon can't get its act together better than this.  Let's hope these are only "growing pains" for the new service.  Try it at your own peril!

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