Wednesday, 14 August 2019

August Club Meeting Review

On a beautiful summer evening, our clubhouse was replete with many great local photo enthusiasts. Sunday’s meeting displayed images from 41 of our members, a continued high participation level – that warms the cockles of my heart!

Larry Tayler got us off to a great start with his serene and graceful show on the Tasmanian countryside – not sure if it included any people, which is especially unique coming from our renowned “street” photographer emeritus! Thanks Larry.

Next on the agenda, we got to tone up our artistic skills with a stimulating presentation on Composition by Gilles Bisson. We got to hear about lines, curves, depth, focal points, breakable “rules” and numerous other concepts for improving our photographic imagery. Gilles demonstrated his concepts using his exceptional array of impressive nature images, many taken locally. We plan to have Gilles back for more creative ideas in the near future.

We started the second half of our meeting with our Kingston Scavenger Hunt slideshow, from a fun outing held mid-July in the near-by princess city. The twenty-five participants were placed in six Groups (the Clickers, Exposers, Zoomers, Flashers, Editors and Croppers), quite appropriate for the motley assemblage of photographers. Then each participant was assigned a list of "items" to scavenge for and photograph – many required a lot of thought and imagination as they were tied to emotions like perplexed, fear, anger, ... With some up-tempo music to go along, a fun slideshow was enjoyed by all.

Next on the agenda was a recurring item, that has been very effective in the past. We had five individuals each show and talk to one of their images in the What, Why, How??? segment. Don Taylor, Peter Gorski, Paula Martin, along with Gloria & Bill Sprung displayed an impressive array of image taking and post-processing skills. It was a great way for the club to get to know each other, and our photographic styles, a little better. Thanks to all five who participated and did such a wonderful job.

The evening ended with our theme challenge slideshow entitled Close Encounters. Most of the 30 people who submitted images for this show, did so with a macro or close-up concept in mind. However, we always seem to have a few outliers, who use a much broader (and always welcome) interpretation on the theme. These images along with the Kingston outing shots have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for everyone to view and/or share.

The theme challenge for August is entitled The Power of One!, while September’s is Texture.

Thanks for participating and making our photo club so enjoyable.