Thursday, 18 July 2019

July Print Display & Evaluation

The July Photo Club meeting was our once-a-year Print Display & Evaluation session. We had a full house to admire the many distinctive printed images brought in by 28 of our members. In total 52 prints were on display in the upstairs foyer.  After some short instructions on Print Judging, we all headed upstairs to review and assess the images.  Then we handed our marked forms over to the care of our two number for the night (Bert Jenkins and Margaret Liddon) who diligently inputted the scores into the computer, in a race against time (attempting to complete the task before our meeting ended).  More on this in a minute.

Now, in the meanwhile, the rest of us sat back in our seats to enjoy some really great slideshows.  We started out with our June outing to Quinte Botanical Gardens, a relatively new venture that is located just north of Frankford.  Fifteen of our group visited the facility and came away with many wonderful images.  Following that shoot, many of us had lunch in Campbellford and then headed off to nearby Healey Falls for a few images that were included at the end of the outing slideshow.

Joe Leduc next demonstrated how to blow and photograph beautiful Bubbles in the comfort of our own homes. Joe does this in his basement and we got to see one of his rainy-day project videos on this subject.  It all looked so easy to get such richly coloured, multi-layered bubbles. 

Next on the agenda was a member slideshow from Marilyn Sprissler who recently canoed and hiked areas of Utah.  Her title says it all – Utah Rocks! - and in more ways than one.  Impressive canyons, rock formations and red soil landscapes in all directions!

Our final slideshow of the evening was from 40 of our members interpreting the theme Wings & Tails. As to be expected, there were lots of great images along with a few moments of levity, all wrapped up with toe-tapping music as the background.  We only see our images for a short 6 second each in these slideshows, but you can now see them for as long as you like as they have been posted to our Public Facebook Group – along with the set from our Quinte Gardens outing.

Our night’s mathematicians had not yet completed their tasks, so I talked to our Executive Committee make-up & duties and then asked for anyone interested in joining that group to put their name forward.  We’ll keep you posted on that at a later date.

Our Theme Challenges for the next 2 months were handed down – Close Encounters for July and The Power of One! for August. 

Bert & Margaret finally emerged from behind closed doors to show us the Top Scoring Prints (13 in number), from our collective scoring process.  As I indicated up front, we are basically a non-competitive club – everyone who participated by bringing in an image is a winner!  Only those who sit on their hands are the real losers – and there’s always next year!