Tuesday, 5 March 2019

March Club Meeting

We had a very good turnout to our Sunday meeting on what turned out to be a rather snowy March evening.  Our participation rate for the month remained high with 35 members submitting images for our meeting.

The overall theme for the meeting was Colour and I started it off with a discussion of how the Human Eye sees colour. I also mention the concept of Colour Space (Adobe RGB vs sRGB, ...) along with a few suggestions in that regard.

Our first slideshow of the evening was our Ice Box Festival/ Macaulay House area outing from early February.  Twenty-two members contributed many colourful, abstract images from inside the “Ice Boxes” as well as many great available light images from the historic Macaulay House interiors.

Margaret Liddon was our night’s featured presenter, with another in her Art of Seeing series – this one entitled Artistic Use of Colour.  Margaret made extensive use of the Colour Wheel to demonstrate how some colours go much more effectively together than others.  She also offered 8 options that photographers could employ to improve the use of colour in their imagery. Margaret’s material has been uploaded to our Youtube channel along with the other presentations from the night’s proceedings for your review.

Our second half commenced with Gilles Bisson taking us aboard his Kayak for a trip down a number of local waterways to capture some incredible nature imagery. His images of beavers and swans were priceless!

Mike Montgomery was next up with a discussion on LUTs (stands for Look Up Tables) and how they have been used for years in the movie industry to change the tonal appearance of scenes and how they are now entering into the world of still photography.  Most modern digital editing programs now include some use of the concept for preset modification of images.

Our theme challenge for the month was entitled Mono Plus One.  Thirty-two of you submitted images, most using a monochrome backdrop with a coloured (usually single coloured) main subject.  Many of us had to do a little extra photo manipulation to get the results we were looking for.  The images were very diverse and highly creative.  Our public Facebook page now has these along with our outing images available for anyone to view.

Our theme challenges for the next two months are Soft & Shallow for March and To Pose or Not to Pose! for April.

Another great session - thanks!