Tuesday, 11 September 2018

September Meeting in the Books!


Approximately 40 photo enthusiasts filled our clubroom on Sunday evening to see imagery ranging from glamour & fitness models to exotic South American landscapes, from winery vineyards to performances on the stage of life! We started the meeting with Ramesh Pooran delivering the goods on your camera’s Metering Modes - spot, centre-weighted and matrix, all the while reminiscing about the good old days when things were manual and hand-held meters were the technology of the day!

Our first slideshow of the evening was a whirlwind tour of 21 of the County’s wineries that a dozen or so of our members undertook on a lovely summer day last month. We first arrived at Huff Estates Winery where there were literally hundreds of photographic treasures awaiting us in their gardens and surrounding areas. Each participant was then assigned 3 wineries and afterwards we all met up at TerraCello Winery for some fantastic pizza and suitable libation.

                                                      Next up was our sports and fitness guru – Dave Robinet. Dave recapped a Glamour & Fitness workshop he led in July of this year on the shores of Lake Ontario (Point Petre) with eleven club photographers and two highly photogenic models. The day’s events were well documented by Ramesh so that we could all get a sense of the work and effort that goes into the making of this type of imagery. Dave discussed lighting issues and his preferred use of light panels, reflectors and diffusers to shape the available light. Dave ended his section with a short slideshow of images taken by the workshop participants.

Mike Montgomery opened up our second half with a slideshow of his recent trip to South America to visit both family & friends and to explore the area’s vast photographic potential. His show entitled From Buenos Dias to Boa Noite included many really amazing images of the South American countryside and its people which captivated our attention.

Margaret Liddon provided another discussion in her The Art of Seeing series – this time on Image Space. She discussed four types of space – Active Space, Dead Space, Positive Space and Negative Space – and how each of these could be used to best advantage to draw the viewer’s eye to your subject while providing environmental context and telling a story. This presentation is available on our club's Youtube channel for your review.

The theme challenge for the month of August was Dance, Music & Performance! Twenty members submitted some highly creative/interpretive images on the subject. These images along with our Winery Tour outing photos have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for your viewing pleasure.

The theme challenges for the next 2 months are – Country Life for September and Turn, Turn, Turn... for October. Our outing for this month will be a night walk in Downtown Kingston, to be held this Sunday September 16th.

We also have a workshop planned for Wednesday evening, Nov 7th in the Parish Hall at St Mary Magdalene Church in Picton. It will be on Graphics Editing and will have separate areas to demonstrate each of your many image processing options.