Monday, 11 September 2017

September Meeting Review

We had a full house of both people and cameras at our Sept 10th meeting. The cameras were brought in for our annual sensor cleaning clinic - no more dust spots! The night's proceedings included image submissions from 32 of our members – a truly great participation rate.

We started with the slideshow from our recent club outing to Jones Falls and the Rideau Canal. The images captured both the natural beauty of the area as well as documenting the historic structures in this designated World Heritage Site area.

The majority of our first half was devoted to the Photography of Chris Ward. Chris discussed the planning process and the execution effort that he employs for a far away photo-shoot. His presentation featured many impressive images from recent photo excursions to highlight his methodology. We all came away with a better appreciation of the foresight, hard work and available tools that go into the production of his epic imagery.

The second half of the meeting started with a four part slideshow of recent mini-outings attended by club members – the Royal Visit to Wellington, the World War I Vimy Planes at Picton Airport, the Picton Rodeo and the various impressive Fireworks displays in and around the Quinte region.

Margaret Liddon then took to the stage with a further installment of her Art of Seeing tutorials. This time, the subject was Artistic Balance - Symmetry vs Asymmetry. She discussed formal vs informal artistic balance and proposed ways that the photographer can employ these concepts to improve his/her overall image compositions. Her presentation included a vast and diverse array of impressive images to illustrate the principles

Our theme challenge slideshow Summer Fun featured submissions from twenty-seven of our team. We certainly now have a good idea of where members have been and what they were doing over the past few months! These images have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for your viewing pleasure (as have the Jones Falls and the Four-Part slideshow images).

The theme challenges were handed down for the next 60 days - September’s theme is entitled Play Fair at the Market, while October’s theme is Urban Life

The club outing this month will occur on Saturday, Sept 16th to Legacy Vintage Building Materials & Antiques in Cobourg.

Many thanks to those who came out and especially to our participants during this past month.