Wednesday, 8 July 2020

July Club Update

Our club continues to operate even through the exceptional times that we are all going through. Our meetings and group outings/workshops have been put on hold until officials get the pandemic under control. We do not want to risk the health of any of our members, nor the public at large. However, we are determined to keep our photographic talents sharp and enhance our abilities by ongoing monthly theme challenges and additional photo-related activities.  One of our club's strengths has always been our high participation rates and that continues to this day. Instead of in-house meetings, we have temporarily turned to the web to post our images (our Public Facebook page) and also our slideshows (our YouTube Channel).

Let's sumarize what we have been doing. Our last actual club meeting was in early March and our last club outing was that same month over at Amherst Island. In easrly April, we completed and posted the YouTube slideshow for Amherst Island as well as one for our March theme challenge - People & Pet Portraiture.  For the month of April, we devised a game of image bingo - aptly named IMGO. Participants were instructed to complete their card of 16 items - here is a sample board from one of our members.

In early May, we also posted all the bingo images to our Facebook page as well as preparing four separate YouTube slidshows to display the 400 or so submitted images from 24 participants. We also prepared a YouTube slideshow for our April theme challenge -  Subject Placement is Everything! Thirty-two members contributed images for that show.

During the month of May, we engaged in a new exercise called Processing Trilogy.  Members were asked to select any image that they had previously taken and then process it in three entirely different manners. Twenty-nine of our members participated. In early June, we prepared YouTube slideshow of the results. The images were initially displayed on a single page, starting with the Raw image from the camera along with the 3 processed varieties - here is an example card.

Also in early June, we posted our May theme challenge entitled Reflections & Distortions. Thirty-two members submitted images with their interpretations of that theme.

Our June extracurricular activity was called The Hunt is On! It was a photo scavenger hunt which required participants to  complete three tiers, each of which contained 4 elements.

Above is the blank board along with a completed example to the right.

In early July, two YouTube slideshows were posted that covered all the elements of our scavenger hunt activity. Approximately the same time, we posted the June theme challege video - Spring has Sprung. Twenty-one members participated in the Hunt exercise, while 28 contributed images for our Spring show.

Activity continues as I write this blog.  We have a Double or Nothing event underway for the month of July where members are asked to select 6 subject/processing combinations (out of 9 alternatives). We then want to see a camera type jpg image along with a specific processed one to demonstrate the difference.  This event will test the processing skills of our troupe! In addition, during July we have a theme challenge entitled - It's a Small, Small World. So lot's still going on here in the County! Come and join with us!