Tuesday, 7 May 2019

May Meeting - Retrospect

Sunday night was fun night at our Wellington Library clubhouse! With 40 attendees and 31 members having participated in the night’s proceedings, it certainly was a fine way to spend the evening with a great group of photo enthusiast friends.

Ramesh kicked off the meeting with a short talk on Focus Modes in our DSLR and mirrorless cameras, identifying when and how to use them to achieve sharply focused images. We next went into our first slideshow of the evening - a humorous take on the Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny festival held in Port Hope each Spring. There appeared to be no end of brave and outlandish individuals willing to risk both ‘life & limb’ for a brief glimpse of glory on the frigid rapids of the Ganaraska River. Seventeen of our members contributed images for this rather humorous slideshow, with lively music to match.

Next up on the agenda was a timely presentation on Landscape Photography by our in-house expert, Bert Jenkins. He emphasized the benefits of travelling light when hiking (his trusty Olympus micro four-thirds camera and monopod as his preferred tools of the trade) and using the hyperfocal distance concept for keeping images sharp throughout. He discussed concentrating on the aesthetics principles of line, shape, texture, tone & hue while recommending we “peel off the labels” as we shoot. Our Youtube channel will shortly have both Ramesh’s and Bert’s presentation material for your reference.

The second half commenced with a long awaited slideshow from Dave Tugwood on his trip down-under (Australia) from a while back (think biblical era!). Dave had a great mix of scenic beauty, with a smattering of comic relief from his kangaroo friends. Dave’s slideshow ended with a fantastic show of lights on the “sails” of the Sydney Opera House.

Joseph Leduc next took to the stage to discuss how to creatively photograph the miniature world that exists right under our noses. Joe talked about his Macro equipment (his ever faithful 90mm macro lens) and lighting concepts (ring flash and softbox) along with many of his “basement” tricks-of-the-trade, to achieve his creations. His images were truly inspirational.

Our theme challenge for April was entitled To Pose or Not to Pose! Twenty-seven people submitted images, mostly of people. However, a good few of you found various animal and aviary friends to pose for the camera. Our public Facebook page now has these, along with our outing images available for all to view.

Our theme challenges for the next two months are Colour My World for May (reference to Margaret’s Artistic Use of Colour presentation in March, available on our Youtube channel) and Wings & Tails for June.

Thanks again for all your great support.

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