Monday, 22 October 2018

Delayed October Meeting

We finally got in our October meeting (usually held on the first Sunday of the month) following delays for Canadian Thanksgiving and a special Library book sale that made our meeting room unavailable. Not to worry, as 40 of us gathered for an entertaining 2 hours of photography - as well as getting our cameras cleaned during the meanwhile! 

Our meeting aired two presentations in the first half - the first, a quick topic item by Bert Jenkins, on how to Scan 35mm Black & White Negatives. Bert's talk was concise and informative.  I personally was surprised by the quality of the resulting images restored from almost a half century locked in the closet.  Mike Montgomery then put on a very helpful talk - Monty's Travel Tips - on how he gets himself ready - physically, mentally and equipment-wise - for his many world-wide photo trips.  He made it meaningful, simplistic and something that a non-photographer spouse could cope with!

In the second half of our meeting, we had six members volunteer to talk to one of their images in our What, Why, How??? segment - a recurring item we use to get to know one another a little better. We thank David Gilbert, Beth Ernst, Mary Robinet, Richard Marcotte, Renee Fisher and Deb Walters for being great sports and for showing/telling us a little bit about their approach to photography.

The highlight of the session had to be the three slideshows to which 40 of our members submitted images to.  All three were very upbeat, with two having a definite night-time focus on scenes in full technicolor!  Kingston has never looked better than in our Kingston Bye Knight show and who would have thought that a small Ontario town fall fair could look so energetic as in our Picton Fall 2018 review.  Our theme slideshow certainly didn't take a backseat either, as the Country Life theme garnered enthusiastic support from 30 submitting members.  All in all, great sights and sounds filled the room.  The outing & theme images have been posted to our Public Facebook account and the two presentations to our CountryFotoClub Youtube Channel.

We will be having a special Graphics Workshop coming up soon on Wednesday evening Nov 7th.  We will be displaying most of the best processing options for taking your images to the next level! 

We also have our 2018 Awards Gala and Gourmet Pot Luck Buffet coming up on Sunday December 2nd.  This is the one chance during the year where we recognize the best imagery created in this "neck-of-the-woods" over the past 12 months.  Tickets are now available - $10/person.  We encourage you to invite a friend or family member(s) who might have an interest in photography - we will make it entertaining!

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