Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Great Start to 2018

Even inclement winter conditions couldn't stop forty photo enthusiasts from coming out and enjoying some really wonderful imagery, submitted by 35 of their fellow members. What fantastic participation! We thank you all for sharing with us.

Keeping with the outside conditions, our first item (the Quick Topic) for the night was a discussion of Winter Photography. It stressed safety, comfort and offered numerous shooting tips for various winter scenarios.

This was followed by the first slideshow of the evening – our walking tour outing in Picton on November 11th, entitled Our Town. The show opened with Remembrance Day ceremonies near the Picton Cenotaph, while the latter portion displayed the town of Picton and its many attributes.

The featured speaker for the night was Bert Jenkins who, not long ago, spent 8 days with several of Canada’s premier photographers - Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant. Bert discussed the course he took near Shamper’s Bluff in New Brunswick on the beautiful shores of the Bay of Fundy. He discussed Freeman’s approach (line, shape, texture, hue & tone) and how it had changed and enlivened his own photography.

Our second half commenced with a warm slideshow from Doug Smith, depicting the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. As Doug put it - in Costa Rica, even he became a successful bird photographer. Doug’s images were rich in colour and oozing texture in the rainforest foliage.

We had so many submissions to our open theme challenge, entitled Anything Goes, that we broke it into two sections. Images from far away places, as well as much closer to home, graced our big screen. The images were impressive and we would recommend that you take a second look at these photographs which have now been posted to our public Facebook page (along with the Picton outing images).

One more item was on the agenda. We asked members to bring in some interesting/useful photographic gear or ideas and share them with the group in a Show & Tell segment. We got to see many helpful items from a light cube to a Roto light, camera carrying paraphernalia, cameras (old & new), tripods and much more. Thanks to those who participated this time around.

Our meeting ended up with doling out the theme challenges for the next 2 months – Frigid for January and Line, Shape, Texture & Rhythm for February.

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