Monday, 2 October 2017

October Meeting Recap

At this month meeting, I finally got to discuss the oft-deferred "quick topic" item of Auto ISO. It is a very useful tool for variable light situations and one that isn’t used as often as it should be. All the details are on our Youtube channel for your review.

The first slideshow of the evening was from our recent club outing to Legacy Vintage Building Supplies in Cobourg.  This is a very unique location, where useful and not-so-useful things abound the shelves, walls and fields surrounding the facility. It allowed us to zero in on the many fine details and textures.

The feature item in our first half was a talk by Larry Tayler entitled Taking it to the Street. Larry’s relaxed presentation style allowed him to provide us with the benefits of his learnings from photographing people in the urban environment, along with many interesting stories of his experiences as a street photographer. Larry’s provocative images provide us with great fodder for our upcoming theme challenge – Urban Photography.

The second half of the meeting started with a slideshow from Alan Jenner of the wildlife on display at Parc Omega in Montebello, Quebec. This is a wildlife park with great access for photographers to many members of animal kingdom naturally resident in Canadian forests.

Ramesh Pooran was our lead speaker in the second half of the evening, with a discussion of Time Lapse Photography. He presented many time lapse examples along with an explanation of the equipment needed (intervalometer), the process and some tricks of the trade. In addition, he displayed some imagery of the Solar Eclipse from a recent trip to Shawnee, Wyoming.

Our theme challenge slideshow Play Fair at the Market featured submissions from 21 of our members. The show included a number of colourful images taken at night at various recent fairs. These images have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for your viewing pleasure (as have the Legacy Building Supplies & Antiques slideshow images).

The theme challenges were handed down for the next 60 days - October’s theme is Urban Life while November’s theme is entitled Fall Fiesta. The club outing this month will occur on Saturday, Oct 14th. It will be a fall colour driving tour of the Rideau system north of Kingston.

As usual, special thanks go to all who came out and especially to those who participated during the past month.

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