Tuesday, 7 June 2016

June Meeting - My Camera, My County!

Our June meeting was well attended by a patient and understanding group while we waded through some technical issues caused by our beloved (not) projector!

That said, we were able to transciend these issues to see some really outstanding photography. Dave Tugwood’s presentation – My Camera, My County – showed our little island in ways seldom seen and also depicted waterfalls and lakes that few even knew existed. His images demonstrate an artistic eye and a willingness to experiment with different perspectives along with effective use of varying forms of lighting.

Prior to Dave’s material, I delved into the Basics of Macro Photography, giving people timely reminders of how to get the most out of getting close to tiny subjects at this outdoorsey time of year. Margaret then took this concept in a slightly different direction with her short compositional piece on You’re Not Close Enough. Sandwiched in between were a group of five members (David Gilbert, Anna Lam, Jan Swenson, Leonard Buffett and Lew Mitz) who each took one of their images and told us a little bit about it in the What, Why, How segment of the Agenda.

Of course, the centrepiece of all our meetings are the many member images shown at the session. Our monthly outing slideshow featured images from the Sheffield Conservation Area. The monthly theme challenge was Rebirth which received a sizeable number of creative entries. The outing and theme images have been uploaded to our public Facebook site for your viewing pleasure.

Once again, a number of outings and activities have been earmarked for the month of June in order to take advantage of the good weather while its here. Our formal club outing will be held on Saturday June 12th at the Dunes Trail in Sandbanks Provincial Park. We are also planning on having a number of other events during the month including an additional Night Photography Workshop, a macro session at Spindletree Gardens in Tamworth (Saturday June 18th) and we’ll point our cameras towards the skies at the Trenton Air Show (June 25/26). More information will be provided as these get firmed up closer to the dates.

Our club challenge for June is entitled Furr & Feathers while the July challenge is entitled Main Street.

Our upcoming meeting on Sunday July 10th is our annual Print session where each member is asked to bring in two printed images that are at least 8”x10” in size. The images ideally would have been taken within the past 2 years. They should not be watermarked or otherwise identifiable. The prints should not be framed, but rather matted or placed on a board for display purposes. Time moves along quickly so we suggest you “start your engines” and get printing!

Thanks to all who came out and especially to the many people who participated during the month in our various club activities.

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