Wednesday, 7 October 2015

October Meeting - Raising the Bar!

October's meeting was very well attended and included image contributions from 27 of our members. At the meeting, the bar was raised on our photographic artistry with incredible views of the Night Skies & Nightscapes by Dave Tugwood and Ramesh Pooran. Their images and presentation elicited great interaction with the assembled group and I will be posting these slides to our Youtube channel shortly. They were followed by Bert Jenkins, who gave us a wonderful display of his use of light, shadow and detail in his Hungarian River Cruise slideshow.


Margaret put on the fourth in our series of Art Composition episodes, this time covering the Rule of Thirds and delving heavily into Da Vinci's Golden Section and the Fibonacci Spiral. It is interesting to see how classical art and modern photography corroborate their use of such compositional elements. The evening also included a discussion on Prime vs Zoom Lenses and how different camera/lens combinations can affect resulting optical performance. We recommend going to website if you are in the market for a new camera and/or lens to see how they measure up under test.

The evening also featured our audio-visual slideshows for our September club outing – the Picton Fair – and our September theme challenge which asked members to interpret compositional elements of Framing &/or Balance. The Picton Fair outing was held in the evening this time around and we received some remarkable images of carnival lights at night - sights that can only be seen/recorded by a camera (long exposure with tripods in tow!). Both of these slideshow images have now been uploaded to our Facebook page, in case you missed them.

The theme challenges for the upcoming two months are – A Splash of Colour for October and Rule of Thirds & Variants for November. Our outing for October will be held on Sunday October 18th (2pm) at the Harry Smith Conservation area in Ameliasburgh – a nice easy Autumn walk in the park.

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