Wednesday, 5 November 2014

November Meeting - Standing Room Only!

Seating was at a premium as the number of attendees outnumbered our allotment of chairs. On checking with the Library, this was an oversight, and they have since restored their chair reserve.

This evening featured a truly great lesson from the Glen Dobson school of photography. Glen introduced us to HDR (High Dynamic Range) image processing in a simple, easy to understand manner. He then proceeded to demonstrate just how easy it is to produce such images with today's specialized programs. To keep things simple, Glen utilized Photomatix Essentials and provided internet coordinates ( for members to download the program and try it for free.  At the end of the workshop, he displayed a dazzling set of HDR images made from as little as three shots all the way to one 40 shot behemoth. This certainly provides us with another useful tool in our photographic kit-bag.

The meeting also had lots of member participation content. Caspar produced an inspiring slide and video shoot of Monarchs and other Butterflies. A slideshow from our club outing at O'Hara Mills Homestead & Conservation Area featured the work of 13 of our members. In addition, our monthly theme challenge “Nature's Glory”, showcased colourful images by 20 different club participants. Both of these multi-member slideshow images have been uploaded to our Facebook account.

At the end of the session, we handed out the upcoming theme challenges - “Form & Texture” for this month and “Fun with Friends & Family” for the month of December. We do encourage you to interpret these challenges as you see fit and hopefully in a creative, artistic or humourous fashion.

Our club outing for this month will be the November 16th Santa Claus Parade in Belleville. It is a night-time event starting around 5:30PM (Sunday evening). We hope to cap that evening off at a local pizzeria for some hot food and fun.

Our next meeting will be on December 7th. It is our annual CFC Awards Gala and Pot Luck Dinner. If you missed last year's event, then you can redeem yourself by coming out and seeing the best the club has offered over the past year. It's also a great way to get to know each other in a more informal setting

Thanks again for all those who attended the meeting and those who participate in our events.

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