Tuesday, 9 September 2014

September 7th Meeting


We had one of our largest gatherings yet at our meeting this past Sunday. Our attendance was buoyed by many local Lion's Club members who were anxious to see our take on their day long Dragon Boat Races held in early August. The slideshow was an amalgam of 12 of our members including video clips from Caspar – most of which were taken from his small kayak neatly tucked in the weeds, far away from the racing lanes. This slideshow has now been uploaded to our Youtube site and is available for public viewing at this web address http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KNIygFB2Zc

We were also privileged to have Ril Giles as our featured guest speaker. Ril combines both her photographic and artistic abilities into a unique form of folk art entitled “Paintography”. She uses her camera to capture the basic scene and then uses her imagination and brushing abilities to create a work of folkart right on the computer. Here is an example of the initial shot (“Before”) and the results of many hours of applying her art (the “After”). 

My, what a difference! You can find more information on Ril's work at www.paintography.ca and she tells us that she can apply her art form to images initially taken by others – just in case anyone wants to give a unique Christmas present...

Also on the agenda was a refresher workshop on Photographing Autumn's Glory, put on by Margaret Liddon. Autumn is a splendid season especially here in Eastern Ontario and one that a photographer just can not afford to miss. Carol Quinn showcased a colourful Pow-wow video that she co-produced with Alan Jenner, with many of the photos taken at the recent pow-wow at the Mohawk reserve near Desoronto.

The evening finished with our From Sunset til Sunrise theme challenge which saw creative use of the limited amount of light that we have at night. These images have been uploaded to our Facebook page for public viewing.



The Club Outing for the upcoming month is entitled Local Fall Fairs. It seems at this time of year every small town in Ontario has one underway sometime in the next few weeks, so get out there with your camera and send in some images. We plan to attend the Milford Fair next Saturday Sept 13th – we'll be there at 12 noon just inside the front gates. Hope to see some of you there.

The theme challenge for the month of September had already been given - Monochrome or Polychrome but Please no Kodachrome. We are using the meaning of “Polychrome” to be Black & White with a single other colour for emphasis. These photos will be due later – around the 29th of the month.

The theme challenge for October (we give these themes on a rolling 2 month basis) is Nature's Glory. We don't know exactly when the height of the colour season will be, but this should give everyone lots of time to catch it.

Thanks again for a great meeting.

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