Sunday, 30 June 2013

Graham Davies to be Guest Speaker

At our upcoming July club meeting (Sunday July 7th at 7pm) we are fortunate to have Graham Davies as our guest speaker to provide us with an overview of his photo artistry.  Graham operates the The Bald Photographer Studio & Gallery in Cherry Valley -, specializing in black and white images using real film (that's right! - non-digital) and developed in his extensive gallery darkroom.  Graham has a deep grounding in photography, from his roots as a photojournalist for UK newspapers to his artistic portraiture and fine art hangings.  He is very well known in the artistic circles of the County and its surrounds and recently published a book chronicling the final operating days of the Royal Hotel in Picton including its last residents.  This year, Graham is also one of the judges for the Clic Photo Show which commences later this month.

This is really a must see for anyone interested in artistic photography and I do encourage you all to be in attendance.

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