Monday, 5 June 2017

June Meeting Now in the Books!

Our June 4th meeting was another success. We had excellent turnout and another super participation level by you all. We even managed to stay withing our allotted time for the evening!

Bert started the meeting by discussing a common problem for many of us who try to print images. The prints just turn out too dark as compared to our perfectly satisfactory images on our computer monitors. Bert’s solution is to move the centre (1.0) “Level” control to the 1.25-1.35 range prior to printing to achieve the effect you want for your printed image.

Our May outing slideshow was entitled Springtime in Presqu’ile et al... Images from eleven of our members depicted the Spring arrival of a large number of our feathered friends along with other emerging elements of Spring.

Our next discussion item was a primer to Flash Photography by Mike Montgomery and Dave Tugwood. Mike took us through the basics of TTL (Through-the-Lens metering) flash photography and how you could use it to best advantage. Dave followed up with examples and discussion of different types of flash set-ups – Direct On-Camera, Bounce, Off-Camera and Multiple Flash. We are all a lot more comfortable with using this tool following a healthy discussion of the topic.

The second half of the meeting started with a slideshow that recapped our Portrait Workshop held last month at St Mary Magdelene Church Parish Hall. We had a lot of fun at the workshop, and the slideshow and accompanying audio track took a little liberty with the overall frivolity of the session. At the same time, the workshop attendees learned a lot and took some excellent images of their fellow members and of our two special guest models – Penny and Roanna Kitchen. Many thanks to both of them for their patience and perserverence with the rest of us.

We next had six of our members (Glen, Jennifer, Ian, Daphne, Mike G and Terri) each present one of their images and tell us the What, Why, How, ... The images were fantastic and we all enjoyed listening to the stories behind the images along with why and how they ended up the way they did.

Our theme challenge slideshow was entitled The Awakening and received submissions from 27 of our members. Most of the images concentrated on a spring like interpretation, with a few humourous and creative twists thrown in for good measure. A number of really stunning images were on display. These images, along with our outing photos are now available for viewing on our public Facebook page.

The meeting concluded with theme challenges for the next 60 days - Architecture for June and Canada 150 - What Makes My Canada Great for July.

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