Monday, 5 November 2018

November Meeting Recap

This month 36 members trotted out on Sunday night for another fascinating evening of photography. Ramesh Pooran started us off with a live demo and talk on connecting our modern cameras via WiFi to our smart devices and the wonderful things that such technology now allows us to do.

The first slideshow of the evening came from 20 of our members that attended our Lemoine Point outing. There was lots to see and shoot on this very pleasant Fall day with great colour in the foliage and some rather unexpected chance meetings along the many trails.

This month, we invited Malcolm Park to talk to us about his Storm Chasing activities. We came away with a good understanding of the “system” around the massive thunderstorms that spawn tornadoes, especially in the mid-west USA area known as Tornado Alley. Malcolm’s images and especially his timelapses, gave us a thrilling appreciation for the awesome power of Mother Nature.

Janice Ruggles-Bolton opened up our second half with a slideshow on Morocco - From Casablanca to Marrakesh. Janice provided a wonderful mix of varying landscapes (lush green fields to golden sand deserts), local people and impressive architecture.

Our next item on the agenda was something devised to encourage audience participation. We displayed a number of images from various Master Photographers on the big screen, and asked our members to critique the images. We first attempted to guess the photographer and then discussed the various elements that made that particular image so compelling. Before we got half way through the material, we realized that we were nearing our normal meeting closing time and still had a major slideshow to air! This item will very likely reappear at some future meeting.

The theme challenge for the month of October was Turn, Turn, Turn... Thirty-two members submitted images for the slideshow, some with real twists on the theme interpretation. These images along with our outing photos have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for public viewing.

The theme challenges for the next 2 months were handed out – Spaced Out! for November and Portfolio Picks for December. Our outing for this month will be to the Picton Firelight Lantern Festival.

Your continued support, participation and creative input are greatly appreciated.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Delayed October Meeting

We finally got in our October meeting (usually held on the first Sunday of the month) following delays for Canadian Thanksgiving and a special Library book sale that made our meeting room unavailable. Not to worry, as 40 of us gathered for an entertaining 2 hours of photography - as well as getting our cameras cleaned during the meanwhile! 

Our meeting aired two presentations in the first half - the first, a quick topic item by Bert Jenkins, on how to Scan 35mm Black & White Negatives. Bert's talk was concise and informative.  I personally was surprised by the quality of the resulting images restored from almost a half century locked in the closet.  Mike Montgomery then put on a very helpful talk - Monty's Travel Tips - on how he gets himself ready - physically, mentally and equipment-wise - for his many world-wide photo trips.  He made it meaningful, simplistic and something that a non-photographer spouse could cope with!

In the second half of our meeting, we had six members volunteer to talk to one of their images in our What, Why, How??? segment - a recurring item we use to get to know one another a little better. We thank David Gilbert, Beth Ernst, Mary Robinet, Richard Marcotte, Renee Fisher and Deb Walters for being great sports and for showing/telling us a little bit about their approach to photography.

The highlight of the session had to be the three slideshows to which 40 of our members submitted images to.  All three were very upbeat, with two having a definite night-time focus on scenes in full technicolor!  Kingston has never looked better than in our Kingston Bye Knight show and who would have thought that a small Ontario town fall fair could look so energetic as in our Picton Fall 2018 review.  Our theme slideshow certainly didn't take a backseat either, as the Country Life theme garnered enthusiastic support from 30 submitting members.  All in all, great sights and sounds filled the room.  The outing & theme images have been posted to our Public Facebook account and the two presentations to our CountryFotoClub Youtube Channel.

We will be having a special Graphics Workshop coming up soon on Wednesday evening Nov 7th.  We will be displaying most of the best processing options for taking your images to the next level! 

We also have our 2018 Awards Gala and Gourmet Pot Luck Buffet coming up on Sunday December 2nd.  This is the one chance during the year where we recognize the best imagery created in this "neck-of-the-woods" over the past 12 months.  Tickets are now available - $10/person.  We encourage you to invite a friend or family member(s) who might have an interest in photography - we will make it entertaining!

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

September Meeting in the Books!


Approximately 40 photo enthusiasts filled our clubroom on Sunday evening to see imagery ranging from glamour & fitness models to exotic South American landscapes, from winery vineyards to performances on the stage of life! We started the meeting with Ramesh Pooran delivering the goods on your camera’s Metering Modes - spot, centre-weighted and matrix, all the while reminiscing about the good old days when things were manual and hand-held meters were the technology of the day!

Our first slideshow of the evening was a whirlwind tour of 21 of the County’s wineries that a dozen or so of our members undertook on a lovely summer day last month. We first arrived at Huff Estates Winery where there were literally hundreds of photographic treasures awaiting us in their gardens and surrounding areas. Each participant was then assigned 3 wineries and afterwards we all met up at TerraCello Winery for some fantastic pizza and suitable libation.

                                                      Next up was our sports and fitness guru – Dave Robinet. Dave recapped a Glamour & Fitness workshop he led in July of this year on the shores of Lake Ontario (Point Petre) with eleven club photographers and two highly photogenic models. The day’s events were well documented by Ramesh so that we could all get a sense of the work and effort that goes into the making of this type of imagery. Dave discussed lighting issues and his preferred use of light panels, reflectors and diffusers to shape the available light. Dave ended his section with a short slideshow of images taken by the workshop participants.

Mike Montgomery opened up our second half with a slideshow of his recent trip to South America to visit both family & friends and to explore the area’s vast photographic potential. His show entitled From Buenos Dias to Boa Noite included many really amazing images of the South American countryside and its people which captivated our attention.

Margaret Liddon provided another discussion in her The Art of Seeing series – this time on Image Space. She discussed four types of space – Active Space, Dead Space, Positive Space and Negative Space – and how each of these could be used to best advantage to draw the viewer’s eye to your subject while providing environmental context and telling a story. This presentation is available on our club's Youtube channel for your review.

The theme challenge for the month of August was Dance, Music & Performance! Twenty members submitted some highly creative/interpretive images on the subject. These images along with our Winery Tour outing photos have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for your viewing pleasure.

The theme challenges for the next 2 months are – Country Life for September and Turn, Turn, Turn... for October. Our outing for this month will be a night walk in Downtown Kingston, to be held this Sunday September 16th.

We also have a workshop planned for Wednesday evening, Nov 7th in the Parish Hall at St Mary Magdalene Church in Picton. It will be on Graphics Editing and will have separate areas to demonstrate each of your many image processing options.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Summer Time at the Club

Our August meeting room was once again filled with enthusiastic photographers, anxious to see what was in store! I started the meeting off by baring my soul on why I went mirrorless – and not even Nikon/Canon – oh the shame of it all... I got to show and talk about my new toy, the Fujifilm X-T2 and how it has taken me back to my roots in former film photography – its controls are so retro!

Next up was our first slideshow of the evening from 18 of our members who participated in the July outing to the Glen Ross and Ranney Gorge areas on the Trent River system. It was a sweltering hot day but we all seem to manage to have gotten some great images from our hot days work.

Following the slideshow, the assembled group were asked to put their thinking caps on as we entered into a rather technical digital editing topic – Layers and Blend Modes. After a quick review of layers and masks, we discussed many of the Blend modes that most of our digital editors have available for us and what they are trying to accomplish (and how). We wisely decided to skip the mathematical formulae.  By putting it in words and giving a number of examples, hopefully it will whet the appetite of many of you to use the layer & blend mode concept as another creative tool in your photographic arsenal.  The presentation will be posted on our Youtube Channel shortly. 

Mags Kandis opened up our second half on a much more enjoyable tone, with a slideshow entitled ichi go ichi i.  It roughly translates into “seize the moment”. Her images were from a recent trip to Japan which touched on her other passion - “blue hands” and indigo.  We got to see the people of Japan, going about their daily business, as well as a walk down cherry blossom lane.  Thanks Mags!

Next on the agenda was a review of recent Night Photography Escapades by many of our members. The material started with Fireworks displays from various local Canada Day events as well as the much larger Mystical Fireworks display held mid July in Trenton.  We then moved onto our Night Photography workshop held in Belleville near the end of last month.  We viewed sunset images, car light trails and numerous light painting processes.  These included sparklers, steel wool, orbs from swinging lights and colour light sabres adorning our princess model, Alex. The night was perfectly capped off with a demonstration of nature’s fury - a lightning display which occurred at the end of our Lightpainting workshop.

The theme challenge for the month of July was A Creative Eye On Summer Fun.  Twenty-seven members submitted some really fun and creative images for the slideshow.  These images along with our outing photos have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for your viewing pleasure.

The theme challenges for the next 2 months were handed out – Dance, Music & Performance for August and Country Life for September.  Our outing for this month will be a trip to many of the wineries in the County.  It will be held on Sunday August 19th.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

July Print Display & Evaluation Meeting

Another full house was in store for last night’s Print Display & Valuation photo club meeting. We were given tremendous support from our local Library who allowed us the use of the upstairs portion of the Wellington Library for displaying our images. And you, the membership, really stepped up and brought in over 50 high quality images for us all to admire.

Joe Leduc attempted to prepare us all for the night’s judging process. Joe has vast experience as a judge and knows what to look for – the things that generate a real “wow” factor or tell a story, as well as some of the more obvious errors & omissions. His presentation ended with an impressive set of images that would get high consideration from most judges in photographic competitions.

I next stepped to the plate, and provided a more simplistic and time efficient way for us to evaluate the prints that were waiting for us upstairs. We handed out the scoring forms along with a covering cheat sheet, and then spent the next 30 minutes or so, engrossed in our assigned task of evaluating the images.

After all the forms were completed and handed in, Margaret & Bert beavered away in the back room, inputting the data into a spreadsheet for scoring and sorting purposes while the rest of us enjoyed the next hour’s proceedings from the comforts of our chairs!

Our first slideshow of the night was from our June Kingston Theme Day outing. Eighteen of our members participated in a different sort of outing where participants picked unique themes out of a hat that they were responsible for covering. The slideshow was up tempo and many of the assigned themes related directly to popular song titles. The slideshow ended with the group having lunch (& a few liquid beverages) at the Kingston Brewing Company.

We were then treated to another dazzling display of Night Landscape Photography by Dave Tugwood. Dave provided us with tips and techniques that he has used to great success in the field at night and whetted our appetites for some up and coming night photography outings planned for the near future.

Our theme challenge for the month of June was Sweet Light – and how sweet it was! Thirty two members submitted over 160 images for the slideshow. The sweetness of light got interpreted in many different and wonderful ways. If you weren’t there to see the images, do drop over to our public Facebook page to have a good look!

Then, finally, Bert & Margaret emerged from the depths of their spreadsheet activity to announce and show the 13 images that the membership had rated at a score of 8 or higher. No winner to be announced here – just some fine images for us to see and appreciate.

The theme challenges for the next 2 months were handed out – A Creative Eye on Summer for the month of July and Dance, Music & Performance for August. Our outing for this month will be a trip up the Trent/Severn Canal – with stops at Glen Ross and then at the Ranney Gorge in Campbellford. It will be held this coming Sunday July 15th.

Thanks again for your wonderful support and participation.