Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Starting Up 2019 in Style

We kicked off our first meeting of 2019 with record high participation from 48 of our members.  Fifty people attended the session and they got to witness some incredible imagery from our members.

The meeting started with an upbeat and colourful slideshow of images from our club outing to the Firelight Lantern Festival, held annually every November in Picton. The costumes were loud and bright, the lanterns were a feast for our camera lenses and the music was “shall we say” unusual!

Next up was a intriguing feature presentation from Ian Dickinson – our birder extraordinaire.  Ian explained how birding and photography changed his life, as he retired from the office cubicle and learned to see, hear and appreciate the world of nature at his doorstep.  Ian discussed the when, where and how to best photograph the many tiny avian creatures in our vicinity. Throughout, Ian used wonderful images of the various types of birds and described when they were likely to arrive on our migratory doorstep. Ian’s bird photography can be found on-line by visiting his website – photobirding.net.

Our second half was dominated by the almost 300 images, submitted from 48 members to the Portfolio Picks challenge.  The images are very impressive and demonstrate the creative juices that run amok within the artistic veins of our membership! The slideshow was shown in two separate sections. The images (along with the Firelight Lantern Festival images) are available for public viewing at our Facebook page.

In between the two slideshow parts was our Annual “Show & Tell”.  A number of interesting gadgets, including Litra Torch light cube, the Ultimate Lens Hood, white balance lens attachment, several Olympus OMD-EM1 Mark II’s, a birding camera aiming device, winter cleats, lens adaptor for older analogue lenses, versatile head lamp, flash pattern projection device, photo book, mottled glass for creative portraits etc,. ... 

Our theme challenges for the next two months are Winter Fantasy for January and Mono Plus One (colour) for February. Our outing for January will be held Saturday Jan 12th at the Frink Conservation Area just north of Belleville.

Thanks to all who came out and especially to those that contribute images to make our meetings so enjoyable.

Monday, 3 December 2018

2018 CFC Awards Gala - December Session

Close to seventy people came out to our sixth annual awards gala on Sunday evening. Margaret and her efficient crew of helpers, transformed the hall into a wonderful festive boutique. And, with access to the expansive kitchen facilities at the Parish Hall, we were assured of hot food waiting for us on the numerous tables lined with gourmet delights.

We did manage to get in two slideshows before the dinner serving. Beth Ernst started off our session with a colourful show on her recent trip to India’s Golden Triangle, with strong emphasis on the local people and their way of life in that part of the globe. Thanks Beth – it was fascinating. Next up was our November Theme Challenge slideshow entitled Spaced Out, which had submissions from 33 of your fellow members. Many interpreted the theme using the “negative space” concept, but many others brought in active space with balance and other strong compositional elements. Even outer space was well represented in the slideshow! These images have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for all to see.

We then got to start doling out the gourmet goodies! There was so much food and such great variety. Thanks to everyone for their pot-luck offerings – they were truly amazing.

The second half of the meeting consisted of our 2018 CFC Awards Show hosted once again by the Blue Hour Brothers – also known as David & Ken. Twenty-one individual category awards were handed out from more than 3800 images submitted over the course of the past 12 months to club theme challenges, outings and workshops.

Image Title
Feathered Friend
Gloria Sprung

Blue Jay Takes Flight
Mary Robinet

Fountain Glow
Ramesh Pooran

Love is a One-Way Street
Dave Robinet

Doug Smith

Chateau Lake Louise
Gilles Bisson

Root Cause
Funniest Image
Joseph Leduc

Where Did Those Vermin Go?
Paula Martin

Couch Sitter
Derek Figueira

Floral Attraction
Marilyn Sprissler

Reflective Splendour
Altered Reality
Gail Hamilton

White Cow
Town or City
Larry Tayler

Notre Dame
Light Painter
Margaret Liddon

Flaming Rose
It's a Small World
Ian Dickinson

A Leprechaun's Paradise
Use of Colour
Don Taylor

Colour Gradients
Slideshow of the Year
Mike Montgomery

South America, 2018
Winter Scene
Dave Tugwood

Frigid Wellington Beach
John Dufour

Game Over
Deb Walters

Ballet Slippers
Bert Jenkins


Use of Light
Doug Smith

Steam Fog at Sunrise

Our top prize of the night – 2018 Photographer of the Year – was awarded to Joseph Leduc in recognition of his consistently high quality imagery throughout the year along with his very helpful involvement in many club activities and workshops. Congratulations to Joe on a well deserved victory.

Our Theme Challenges for the coming two months are – Portfolio Picks for December and Winter Fantasy for January. Our next club meeting will be back in the Wellington Library on Sunday January 6th.

Thanks for all who made the Gala event so much fun and congratulations to all our trophy winners and runner-ups. We’ve all come a long way over the past 6 years and your imagery is certainly showing that.

We wish everyone a very safe, happy and healthy Christmas and holiday season.

Monday, 5 November 2018

November Meeting Recap

This month 36 members trotted out on Sunday night for another fascinating evening of photography. Ramesh Pooran started us off with a live demo and talk on connecting our modern cameras via WiFi to our smart devices and the wonderful things that such technology now allows us to do.

The first slideshow of the evening came from 20 of our members that attended our Lemoine Point outing. There was lots to see and shoot on this very pleasant Fall day with great colour in the foliage and some rather unexpected chance meetings along the many trails.

This month, we invited Malcolm Park to talk to us about his Storm Chasing activities. We came away with a good understanding of the “system” around the massive thunderstorms that spawn tornadoes, especially in the mid-west USA area known as Tornado Alley. Malcolm’s images and especially his timelapses, gave us a thrilling appreciation for the awesome power of Mother Nature.

Janice Ruggles-Bolton opened up our second half with a slideshow on Morocco - From Casablanca to Marrakesh. Janice provided a wonderful mix of varying landscapes (lush green fields to golden sand deserts), local people and impressive architecture.

Our next item on the agenda was something devised to encourage audience participation. We displayed a number of images from various Master Photographers on the big screen, and asked our members to critique the images. We first attempted to guess the photographer and then discussed the various elements that made that particular image so compelling. Before we got half way through the material, we realized that we were nearing our normal meeting closing time and still had a major slideshow to air! This item will very likely reappear at some future meeting.

The theme challenge for the month of October was Turn, Turn, Turn... Thirty-two members submitted images for the slideshow, some with real twists on the theme interpretation. These images along with our outing photos have been uploaded to our public Facebook page for public viewing.

The theme challenges for the next 2 months were handed out – Spaced Out! for November and Portfolio Picks for December. Our outing for this month will be to the Picton Firelight Lantern Festival.

Your continued support, participation and creative input are greatly appreciated.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Delayed October Meeting

We finally got in our October meeting (usually held on the first Sunday of the month) following delays for Canadian Thanksgiving and a special Library book sale that made our meeting room unavailable. Not to worry, as 40 of us gathered for an entertaining 2 hours of photography - as well as getting our cameras cleaned during the meanwhile! 

Our meeting aired two presentations in the first half - the first, a quick topic item by Bert Jenkins, on how to Scan 35mm Black & White Negatives. Bert's talk was concise and informative.  I personally was surprised by the quality of the resulting images restored from almost a half century locked in the closet.  Mike Montgomery then put on a very helpful talk - Monty's Travel Tips - on how he gets himself ready - physically, mentally and equipment-wise - for his many world-wide photo trips.  He made it meaningful, simplistic and something that a non-photographer spouse could cope with!

In the second half of our meeting, we had six members volunteer to talk to one of their images in our What, Why, How??? segment - a recurring item we use to get to know one another a little better. We thank David Gilbert, Beth Ernst, Mary Robinet, Richard Marcotte, Renee Fisher and Deb Walters for being great sports and for showing/telling us a little bit about their approach to photography.

The highlight of the session had to be the three slideshows to which 40 of our members submitted images to.  All three were very upbeat, with two having a definite night-time focus on scenes in full technicolor!  Kingston has never looked better than in our Kingston Bye Knight show and who would have thought that a small Ontario town fall fair could look so energetic as in our Picton Fall 2018 review.  Our theme slideshow certainly didn't take a backseat either, as the Country Life theme garnered enthusiastic support from 30 submitting members.  All in all, great sights and sounds filled the room.  The outing & theme images have been posted to our Public Facebook account and the two presentations to our CountryFotoClub Youtube Channel.

We will be having a special Graphics Workshop coming up soon on Wednesday evening Nov 7th.  We will be displaying most of the best processing options for taking your images to the next level! 

We also have our 2018 Awards Gala and Gourmet Pot Luck Buffet coming up on Sunday December 2nd.  This is the one chance during the year where we recognize the best imagery created in this "neck-of-the-woods" over the past 12 months.  Tickets are now available - $10/person.  We encourage you to invite a friend or family member(s) who might have an interest in photography - we will make it entertaining!