Tuesday, 9 December 2014

2014 CFC Award Winners


This year over 2500 images competed for nineteen separate award categories.  The winners are:

For Best of Days Gone By - Skates by Anna Lam

For Best Action - Jump Shot by Ramesh Pooran

For Best Altered Reality - Road's End by Lew Mitz

For Best Bubble - The Grand Poobah by Tina Konecny

For Best Natural Object - Billy Goats by Inge Radden

For Funniest Image - If Only by Ron Mace

For Best Macro - Flight of the Dragon by Carol Quinn

For Best Night Shot - Main Street by Dave Tugwood

For Videographer of the Year - Caspar Radden

For Best Monochrome - Blue Ridge Parkway by Connie (Fowler) Collins

For Best Unidentified Photographic Object - Honeywagon Glass by Caspar Radden

For Best Wildlife - Take-off by Alan Jenner

For Slideshow of the Year - Norwegian Fjords by Lew Mitz

For Best Use of Light - Under the Rainbow by Daphne Creasy

For Best Manmade Object - Cement Boat in Spring Fog by Janice Ruggles-Bolton

For Best Use of Colour - The Cat's Meow by Margaret Liddon

For Best Landscape - Presqu'ile Sunrise by Glen Dobson

For Best People - Dandy Randy by Robert Logan

2014 Image of the Year - Cape Vessey Marsh by Bert Jenkins

Congratulations to all our winners and to all those who participated in our theme challenges and club outing during the year.

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