Tuesday, 8 July 2014

July Print Exhibition and Evaluation

At our meeting last Sunday, we tried something a little different, especially for a club that prides itself on the non-competitive nature of its activities. We spent the majority of the night examining 31 member submitted prints. Yes the real printed image is not yet a relic of the past! After a brief tutorial on how to evaluate images, the members were given the task of scoring (in a friendly manner) the unidentified images spread all around our viewing room. Certainly, changing light was one obstacle as the evening wore on and darkness set upon us. The in-room lighting was a bit thin, but we managed. In the end, we tallied the scores and chose the top five prints for review. Prints from Tina, Robert, Daphne, Bert and Caspar were the top scorers. Thanks to all who participated, especially those who submitted images – not knowing in advance what devious things we had planned for them!

Tina filled us all in on our role as photo documentarians of Wellington's upcoming quest to break the Guiness World Record for bubble popping. We need to be at the Essroc arena at 9am on Saturday July 19th to prepare for our assignments. The Bubblefest will last all day long, mainly at the Main St park and other nearby locations. We will also need to capture these images for a club outing slideshow for our August get-together.

The meeting also had slideshows of our Beaver Meadow's outing, the Bugs, Bees & Butterflies Theme Challenge and last but not least, a Memories of Ireland slideshow from Margaret - which I almost forgot to show!!! Our Facebook site (facebook.com/countyfotoclub) has now been updated with the images from both the Bever Meadow and Bugs, Bees & Butterflies slideshows. We will be posting the Print Evaluation Tutorial on our Youtube Site youtube_countyfotoclub in the very near future.

We now have a rolling two month period for Theme Challenges. The July month's challenge is “Surf, Sand & Shore” (due in by Aug 4th), while our August challenge will be “From Sunset til Sunrise”. Hope you will have some fun with these. As usual, I'll be looking for 5-8 images from each of you for our theme slideshows.

Other upcoming club outings will be the Dragon Boat Races in Wellington on August 9th (9am) and the Ameliasburgh Heritage Day on August 31st. Please mark the dates on your calendar – more on them later.

Hope you all are having a great summer and don't forget to drop in and see the CLIC Photo Show which starts on July 26th and runs for 2 weeks at Books & Company, Picton.

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