Sunday, 12 January 2014

Feathered Friends That Recently Visited The County

On Christmas Day, I was fortunate enough to catch sight of this red-bellied woodpecker looking for his festive meal on an old maple tree in front of our house.  He was at the northern edge of his territory as he usually stays south of the border.  Not sure where this species gets their name from as they have just a hint of red on their bellies!

On Dec 30th, Caspar Radden spotted this snowy owl in Wellington - probably enjoying the ice and snow that has brought our area to a near standstill.  Apparently due to an abundance of food, the snowies are quite numerous this year.  I'm still waiting for my first sighting though!

Caspar also caught this Great Gray Owl a few days ago sitting on a wire between Bloomfield and Wellington.  Our eagle-eyed photographer rarely misses such an opportunity!

More information on bird sightings in the County area can be viewed on Terry Sprague's "Nature Stuff" website at

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