Wednesday, 6 November 2013

November Club Meeting

On Sunday November 3rd, we held our monthly meeting which featured photographic work – both in digital and printed format – by a broad cross-section of our members. At the Club's October 19th Pumpkinfest outing, we had 16 club members in attendance, 14 of whom submitted images for the slideshow. Unfortunately, due to a computer/projector issue in the first part of our meeting, the images were marred by alien artifacts and also seemed to be dancing on the screen of their own accord. Be assured that the actual images were much more striking than those shown and they have been uploaded in all their splendour to our Facebook site for your viewing pleasure ( Fortunately between changing computers for Bert's presentation and Eric's subsequent adjustments to the projector, we were able to enjoy the remainder of the meeting without a hitch.

Bert Jenkins put on a Landscape Photography Tutorial which described the tools and techniques that he uses in the field, to produce some spectacular images of our natural surroundings As Bert ably put it, once you have found a terrific subject then “mine it for all it's worth!” Bert graced his presentation with a “wide” swath of impressive images of numerous areas where he has extensively hiked, including the Adirondacks, the Bruce Peninsula, the Galapagos and more.

The “Fall Colour” theme challenge set a new record for member participation (with 27) and images submitted (approx. 180). The colours and subjects photographed were vivid and varied. Truly a wonderful portfolio of images celebrating this very special season in Eastern Canada. These images have also been uploaded to our facebook page. Here are a sample.

We tried something new at this meeting and had members come up and show two printed images and tell the group why they selected them for display. Once again we were very favourable surprised by the number of members who participated in this portion of the meeting. Listening to others talk about their images was enlightening and allowed for a real personal touch to each photographer's work. It also provided another forum to get to know each other a little better.

Next month's session is on December 1st where we are going to have a “Pot Luck” seasonal get together along with the 2013 CFC (CountyFotoClub) Award presentations. In addition, we are asking each of you to send in by Monday Nov 25th, ten images of the Christmas season. They can be taken recently or from your vast collection of prior year's images on this subject.  And yes, we did ask for 10 images as we plan to put together an extended slideshow that will loop while we enjoy some seasonal refreshments, snacks and good dialogue.  It should make for a fun evening.

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