Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Early Entrants to "First Sign of Spring" Assignment

I heard on the news last night that last year at this time, it was 20C.  This year I spent the morning shovelling heavy wet snow!  I hadn't anticipated this type of weather when we set the March photo challenge.  However, I am pleased to inform you that many of our fellow members have been very creative (given all the ice and snow) and that images are trickling in.  Gabrielle Holowacz was the first to submit an image on March 7th entitled snowdrops.
Caspar Radden demonstrated his creative eye with this Easter Bunny special.
Marilyn Holland and I were at a local maple sugar bush and caught these images of maple sap collection.

Bert Jenkins sent in a number of great images of ice melting near Traverse Point including this shot of floating icebergs in the clear waters close to the shoreline.
And how about this image - an unmistakeable sign of things to come (and things to watch out for!) - sent in by Robert Logan.

So, no excuses, Spring is all around us - just waiting to be discovered and photographed.  Use your imagination and send in your photos.  We will display all submissions at our next club meeting - Sunday April 7th.

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